On this page you will find a listing of benefits afforded to members in the Jurisdiction of Pensylvania. Odd Fellows Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

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An Odd Fellow lodge is a good place to be. Meeting good people, making new friends, enjoying the pleasures of new experiences. It's where the action is in most communities. Sports, socials, dances, and parties are all part of the active life of Odd Fellows today.

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Independent Order of Odd Fellows Benefits

Odd Fellowship is one of the oldest fraternities in the world. This non-political and non-sectarian order was founded on the basis of universal brotherhood. The order stresses the importance of the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth. Odd Fellowship aims to impress upon its members a real sense of their obligation to others. We need members who enjoy working with people, who want to help their community prosper and who want to serve others whenever there is need. From time to time, however, Odd Fellows find themselves in need and they can take advantage of the various benefits that the order makes available to them.

On this page you will find a listing of benefits afforded to members in the Jurisdiction of Pensylvania. Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

Many individual lodges have grant and loan programs available to their members.
Please check with your lodge secretary for information on amounts, application procedures and deadlines.

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  • Visual Research & Assistance Fund Sovereign Grand Lodge

    The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Visual Research Foundation Committee aids in restoring and preserving eyesight through research and prevention. The committee renders assistance to persons with visual or sight problems.

    E. Wesley Nelson, Chair
    Visual Research Foundation
    24 Northmount Drive, NW
    Calgary, AB T2K 3E8
    Email or call (403) 274-4644

  • Grand Lodge of PA

    Financial assistance is available to members of the order in the jurisdiction who require financial assistance with various vision problems. Requirements: A letter from the lodge secretary, signed by the secretary and the noble grand & affixed with the lodge seal, should be sent to the Grand Secretary, stating the members need and the amount requested. The Grand Lodge Board of Officers reviews the request and informs the lodge of its decision.

    Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of PA
    1001 W. Harrisburg Pike
    Middletown, PA 17057-4899
    Email or call (717) 944-7419

  • Special Relief Fund

    In certain circumstances, the Grand Lodge is available to lend assistance to members in distress. Each request is handled on an individual basis and submitted to the Grand Secretary for presentation to the Board of Grand Lodge Officers.

    Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of PA
    1001 W. Harrisburg Pike
    Middletown, Pa. 17057-4899
    Email or call (717) 944-7419

  • Odd Fellows Homes

    The Grand Lodge is associated with two beautiful homes that provide both Assisted Living and a Personal Care facility for Odd Fellows and Rebekahs. If the member and/or their spouse is unable to support themselves by reason of age and indigence; or an infirm and physically disabled Odd Fellow or Rebekah of any age may apply for resident status.

    Requirements: Although requirements differ for each home, in general, the Odd Fellow or Rebekah must be sixty-five (65) years of age, in good standing as a member of a Lodge, located in the Home District, and have been so for ten (10) continuous years prior to application. The non member spouse is not eligible to make application unless the husband or wife makes application at the same time or is already a resident of the Home. The couple must have been married for a period of at least ten (10) years continuously immediately preceding their application.

    A widow of a member is eligible to become a resident of the home. The widow must be sixty-five 65) years of age, and the spouse must have been in good standing as a member of a Lodge, located in the Home District, and have been so and have been married for ten (10) continuous years prior to application.

    Certain financial requirement must be met and will be fully disclosed before application.

    The Odd Fellows Home of Pennsylvania
    999 West Harrisburg Pike
    Middletown, PA 17057
    (717) 944-3351

    Mrs. Diane Robinson
    Orchard Manor
    20 Orchard Drive
    Grove City, PA 16127
    (412) 458-7760

  • Hunger and Disaster Relief Fund

    The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Hunger and Disaster Fund is sponsored by the Sovereign Grand Lodge. The fund is for use in humanitarian acts consistent with the laws and precepts of the order. The fund may be used to assist person or persons or groups in need of such items as food, clothing, shelter or medical assistance. In addition, funds may be used for the rehabilitation of damaged properties.

    The committee that oversees this fund is made up of Sovereign Grand Lodge Officers. Members needing assistance should send their request to the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of PA who will then notify the Sovereign Grand Lodge committee of the request.

    Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of PA
    1001 W. Harrisburg Pike
    Middletown, Pa. 17057-4899
    Email or call (717) 944-7419

  • Death & Sick/Disability Benefits

    Death Benefits
    Many lodges provide death benefits in the event of a member's death. In addition, some lodges also provide for a benefit to be paid in the event of the death of the member's spouse. The amount of the benefit varies by lodge and the member should check his/her lodge by-laws for specific information. In general, the member must have the 3rd degree and not be in arrears for dues to the lodge. The benefit is payable to the widow, minor orphan or dependent relative. If no relative is living, the benefit may be applied to the funeral expense.

    Sick / Disability Benefits
    Many lodges provide sick / disability benefits in the event of a member's illness / disability. The amount of the benefit and the amount of time that a member may collect vary by lodge and the member should check his/her lodge by-laws for specific information. In general, the member's illness / disability must be reported in open lodge by a member of the order or by mail. The member shall submit satisfactory evidence of sickness or disability.

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  • The Philadelphia Home for Orphans

    5% loan accruing after graduation (maximum $2,500 per year). A 1000 scholarship is also available. Deadline for application is 12/31.

    The Philadelphia Home for Orphans
    Home Education Committee
    2310 Huntingdon Rd.
    Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

  • Sovereign Grand Lodge

    4% Educational Foundation Loan Program -A young person desiring a loan must write personally to the Executive Director for an application. A maximum of $16,000 can be borrowed for a complete course of four years or more. Students enrolled in a 2 or 4 year program must establish one grading period with at least a "C" average in an accredited college or university before receiving loans.

    • $2,000 Ingstrom Trust Regional Scholarship
    • $1,000 Charles J. & Christine Wirz Scholarship
    • $1,000 UN Pilgrimage for Youth Scholarship
    • $500 Lawson/Pezo Vocational Technology Scholarship
    • $15,000 Christine Smith Graduate Studies Scholarship

    R. Kenneth Babb
    Education Foundation
    IOOF PO Box 20455
    Winston-Salem, NC 27120
    Email or call (336) 724-5116

  • Grand Lodge of PA

    $500 IOOF Youth Scholarship
    Requirements: A Member of order must fill out a nomination form mailed to the lodge secretaries in November & mail the form to the committee chairperson named on the form by March 1st. An application will then be sent to the student and must be completed and returned by March 15th. The committee meets in April to determine awardees. The number of awards is based on available funds.

    Nomination Form PDF
    Introduction Letter PDF

    Pennsylvania Odd Fellow-Rebekah Scholarship Fund
    1001 W. Harrisburg Pike
    Middletown, Pa. 17057-4899
    Email or call (717) 944-7419

  • IOOF Western Home of PA at Meadville

    Each year, 25 citizenship cash awards are presented to students representing various high schools throughout northwestern, PA. Students who receive these $300 awards are selected by the high schools in the various communities.

    Ms. Judy Ireland
    Odd Fellows Home of Western PA
    400 N. Main Street
    Meadville, PA 16335
    (814) 724-1864

  • Odd Fellow & Rebekah Home of Western PA at Grove City

    A 2% per annum loan program is available from the home. The applicant must re-apply for the loan each year. A total of up to $2,000 each year may be requested for up to four years, or a total loan of $8,000. Payment of interest is due every July and repayment of principal must begin 3 months after the student leaves school.

    Linda Dixon, Secretary
    Odd Fellow and Rebekah Home of Western PA at Grove City
    c/o 433 Liberty Street
    Grove City, PA 16127
    Email or call (724) 458-6937

  • Odd Fellows & Rebekahs Association
    of Western Pennsylvania Scholarship Award

    (PLEASE NOTE: This Scholarship Award is for Western Lodges only.)

    The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Association of Western Pennsylvania will continue offering $3000 scholarship awards to a maximum of four (4) students who fulfill the specific requirements of the Award. This will be the 12th consecutive year of the Award since its inauguration back in 2006. Award committee chairman, Robert Grant, wants to remind those considering applying or those considering potential applicants, of three requirements in particular:

    1. The applicant or a living family relative must be a member of the I.O.O.F or Rebekahs of Western Pennsylvania.
    2. The applicant must be a full-time student majoring in one of the three eligible areas: music, education or a health-related field.
    3. The applicant must have also completed at least one year of full time college.

    As in previous years, a copy of the “Rules” and an “Award Application” will be sent to all the lodges representing the Western District in mid/late-May. The 2017 Awards Committee requests that all lodge secretaries and scribes relay the information to their respective membership and make copies as necessary for distribution. Information regarding the 2017 Scholarship may also be found on our website: glpaioof.org. The deadline date for submitting applications will be July 31, 2017. The committee also asks that the public be made aware of our Award by informing schools, colleges, newspapers, churches, etc. in your respective areas. Your cooperation and assistance in relaying this information will be very much appreciated. Hopefully, we will once again be honored in announcing the Awards to four qualified and worthy recipients this coming October.

    The Awards, of course are being made to not only defray some of the cost associated with higher education, but also to help increase public awareness of the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs, and in turn, hopefully receive petitions for membership to promote our great Order.

    Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Association of Western Pennsylvania
    2017 Scholarship Award Information Packet
    Download Packet (PDF)

    Robert Grant
    Scholarship Award Chairman
    40 Cypress Way
    Charleroi, PA 15022-3331
    or by emailing your request to robag@comcast.net.

Scholarships & Loans

General Requirements

Scholarships and loans are made available to high school graduates who are entering an accredited 2 or 4 year institution or for study in a recognized trade school, for any course offering immediate opportunity for employment. The applicant must be a child or grandchild of a member of the order to receive the benefit. Most scholarships are competitive and awarded based on various factors as determined by a committee and spelled out in the application. Loan amounts and payback periods vary according to program. Most loans have a financial limit and the payback period usually begins when student has graduated. Some loans require a parent or guardian co-signer

Information compiled, edited & produced by
Thomas J. McHugh
Grand Master – 2004-2005