There are some legends which give the name Odd Fellows a history dating back to ancient Rome, but most likely the name originated in the 18th Century England.

About the Odd Fellows

There are some legends which give the name "Odd Fellows" a history dating back to ancient Rome, but most likely the name originated in the 18th Century England. Until that time, only the aristocracy had established such philanthropic societies, and it was "unheard of" that common men would organize a mutual aid fraternity.

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How the Odd Fellows got their name

These extraordinary laborers were called "Odd Fellows". Because of their work to relieve the distressed and to educate the under privileged, the name of "Odd Fellows" was given to them. From these special sources came the characteristics of this fellowship that have brought so many remarkable benefits to people throughout the world.

In a cold calculating world as ours, it is still considered "Odd" from one to be willing to share his (or her) worldly goods with the less fortunate -- odd that such a group does not stop to ask why other have not done so but who consider it an imperative duty, one that must discharged. This is a theme for the most laudable emulation, the brightest gem of consistency in Christian character.

This is the character of Odd Fellowship. It teaches humility, that power alone by which man is enabled to govern his own sentiments when provoked and to bear patiently the anger and revenge of others when exerted against him (or her).

An Odd Fellow is one who is alive to the interest of all around him (or her) and ever ready to lend a helping hand.

—Introduction to Odd Fellowship Committee on Expansion and Development Independent Order of Odd Fellows
**Words in parenthesis have been added to fit the changes in our Order.
Grand Master of the American Odd Fellows Thomas Wildey.

Did you know?

Odd Fellowship Is One Of The Oldest Fraternities In The World.

This non-political and non-sectarian order was founded on the basis of universal brotherhood. The order stresses the importance of the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth. Odd Fellowship aims to impress upon its members a real sense of their obligation to others. We need members who enjoy working with people, who want to help their community prosper and who want to serve others whenever there is need. From time to time, however, Odd Fellows find themselves in need and they can take advantage of the various benefits that the order makes available to them. Here are some benefits afforded to members in the Jurisdiction of PA.